Plumbing Technician

Job Description

The Plumbing Technician is responsible for completing commercial and residential solar water heater systems services, including installation, reparation, and maintenance. This job includes installing new solar water heater systems of different types: compact systems, split systems ... on small and large scale projects. It also includes repair tasks ranging from fixing small water leaks to fixing pumps and solar stations. Finally, planning and executing preventive maintenances for previously installed systems is part of the job as well.

Due to the fast evolution and growth of the company, flexibility is a very important requirement for the candidate. This means that he should be able to learn quickly, to gradually take on new responsibilities but also be ready to execute other tasks that the one described below (e.g. minor electrical works, deliveries, support to other departments, etc).


Job Functions

  • Installs, repairs, and maintains solar water heater systems

  • Operates reamers, threading discs, pipe cutters, PPR welding machine, other plumbing equipment/hand tools

  • Assembles pipe sections, tubing and fittings, using couplings, clamps, screws, bolts, cement, and welding equipment

  • Inspects joints, connections, valves, pumps, heaters, tanks and other plumbing components to locate malfunctions, and repairs or replaces when necessary

  • Understands plans, drawings, specifications, and work orders to determine work requirements and sequence of repairs and/or installations, and prepare cost estimations if necessary

  • Performs preventive maintenance works as required

  • Fills pipes or plumbing fixtures with water or air and observe pressure gauges to detect and locate leaks

  • Performs physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials

  • Prepares orders of supplies

  • Follows safety norms, especially when working on roofs or tiles

  • Handles inventory: tools and consumables

  • Performs other duties as assigned, may be out of the scope of plumbing duties

Desired Qualifications

  • At least two (2) years experience as a plumber

  • Must have an excellent understanding of all safety directives and polices regarding the operation of equipment.

  • Knowledge of the tools, equipment, and materials common to the plumbing trade.

  • Skill in the installation, repair, and maintenance of all types of plumbing systems

  • Basic knowledge in electricity

  • Experience in trouble shooting all water leaks 

  • Having a driving license is a must, a public driving license will be an added advantage

  • Good communication skills

  • Ability to work on steel, wooden, and aluminum structures is an added advantage

  • Good problem solving strategies

  • Ability to take on new challenges and the willingness to learn


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